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Anonymous asked: how would you personally discipline your kids, if not by spanking?


spanking isnt even disciplining your kids. using any kind of force to cause pain on a child is abuse. they arent stupid, kids understand what youre saying so you can you know HAVE A CONVERSATION with them to make them understand why something they did wasnt ok. Hitting your kids doesnt get any point across to them other than “fear me and obey me.” They’re young they will make mistakes, its your job as a parent to help them understand the new world around them. Not even to mention i dont know how a parent or anyone can “spank” aka hit their child and watch them squirm trying to get away from you hurting them or watching them cry knowing youre responsible for that physical pain, and just see it as ok. my dad physically abused me until i went into middle school. it started out as “spanking” when i was a toddler and since it doesnt do anything to prove a point and my little brain just decided i didnt care about getting spanked anymore, it escalated to over the top verbal, and physical abuse. and it never taught me anything besides “when dad is mad he will hurt me so i shouldnt be around him.” The only memories i have of my dad from being younger that stuck with me are him abusing me. I dont remember the “lessons” he was trying to teach me whatsoever. it never made me want to listen to him. When someone repeatedly hurts u it doesnt make you like them, it doesnt make you want to chill out or listen to them; it makes you angry and defiant.